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What We Believe In

Every person shows a unique personality. Our aim to capture their unique set of traits and store them as a photographic memory. In Pixeldiaries, we represent their memory in a spectacular story form. We call these sets of moments a Diary Event.

A diary is our hypothetical way of representing moments. It may be in written or not. But in our opinion a diary is a collection of moments that define the past, present and future moments of any individual.

People tend to record these moments because they are the most important part of their life. In PixelDiaries, We call this set of recordings 'Diary Entry'.

Our aim to capture these aspects of memories and emotions represented by our clients through our creativity & concept indulge with our Aesthetic Photographic representation. Connect with us to make your day one of the most notable diary event.

“Services provided by PixelDiaries are awesome. Team is too friendly to create fun loving environment in order to get best couple shots. Also, team is very creative in terms of Story making and in its final execution. Thanks to PixelDiaries team to make our pre-wedding a life-time memorable moment”

Ankita Jindal