We are Wedding Photography Planners

The term Wedding Photography Planners is a new term coined by us. We have connections with various photographers, production houses and photography groups throughout our operating cities. Our agenda is to provide ease and quality services to our clients at these regions. As a wedding photography planner we provide leads to these photographers and also necessary guidelines of PixelDiaries wedding photography planning.


While working as a wedding photography planner, It is necessary to understand what kind of lighting will suit up with the requirement of the wedding atmosphere. We have specialized photographers that have vast creative know-how and technical understanding of the portraitures in the wedding. Events such as 'Bridal Special' and 'Bride and Groom Special' are our main point of content creation. Our main focus is to develop best quality of photographs and videos for such moments.

We are Destination Wedding Photographers

The term ‘Destination Wedding’ is abruptly used by photographers these days. Obviously, these events provide unique experiences of exquisite locations, transportation, accommodation and organization. Capturing precious moments in these surroundings and interacting with people from different communities provides solitary participation. Understanding the ceremonial process of different communities, distinction in rituals and emotions depicted by a diverse set of people itself become a challenging aspect.

We are group of ‘Destination Wedding Photographers’ from Pune, Indore and Jaipur. Our aim is to understand such norms, understanding each aspect of tradition and gather the emotions of couples and their family members. We present these set of sentiments in our own style of ‘Diary Story’ representation.

Why us…

Every wedding event we cover requires a set of planning. We capture the photographs in a unique ‘Surgical’ fashion so that it doesn’t create any disruption to the ceremony. The knowledge and experience possessed by our photographers covers every aspect of Candid, Romantic, Formal, Quirky and Detailed moments with a unique mean of defining a wedding event.

Pricing is one aspect we bargain about most of the commodities. However, instead of that we believe in providing discounts on complete package. The photographers of PixelDiaries covers all the aspect of Candid, Traditional and Pre-Wedding photoshoots. The complete package will cover all the aspect of story, which is worth mentioning as a ‘Diary Event’. The package of capturing these events varies from Rs 40,000 – Rs 1,30,000 per day. Although, these are speculated pricing, for actual confirmed price you will need a quote. We believe that filling the form will help us in sharing all the details regarding pricing.

Similarly Different…

This is our tagline that we believe on. Most of the photographers tend to present their wedding collection with a similar set of pattern. Sometimes the colours they use to describe each of their album is common or their photography patterns doesn’t have variations. However, we believe in variation. We believe that every event can be represented in a unique manner. Each and every wedding event has a certain differentiation which most of the wedding photographers can’t look upon but we believe that there are a different set of people, different emotions and different representation. Our depiction of photographs and albums are in diary form but our style is diverse.  

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