Editorial Projects

Taking fashion photography to the next level requires a contribution from every team member. At first, we had photographers, designers, make-up artist and image editors merely building a glimpse of fashion showcase. But now we have concept designers and a team of creatives that oversees every aspect of project work. ReDefining those photographs and creating sense and story out of it in the form of Editorial shoots. These Editorial projects will be the benchmark of representation of PixelDiaries photography.



"When we think of flavour we represent it with food or fragrance but here we are representing that aspect with her dressing attire"

Photographs Captured by: Nishant Thakur

Location: Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Model: Harshita Chawla

Traditional 2.0


"Life is too short to blend in with other cultures....Let's represent some aspect of Indianness in this photoshoot"

Photographs Captured by: Nishant Thakur

Location: Pune

Model: Surbhi Jain