14 FEBRUARY 2016 



What happens after wedding? Well its simple and I am not going to misguide you guys. After wedding we follow up with the closeness personified by the couple. After wedding couple seeks for the aspect that becomes the most importent asset to be remembered for their entire life. And what could flourish this emotional bonding? A photo album. The Post-Wedding shoot of Gaurav and Anubhuti Lakhwani was my first shoot related to the couple shoots.This was my time to learn about the emotions and sentiments depicted by couple. The first experience provided me with how a couple present itself with different set of emotions.

The time was perfect and the place was too for outdoor shoots. What could be better than Valentine's day? We selected Khadakwasla Dam in Pune for this outdoor shoot and as always, a photographer's first shoot always provide a unique experience. Dressing attire was kept casual, depending upon the requirement and location. The shoot was presented without any specific prop but our main focus was to capture post-wedding emotions. 


Details of Post-Wedding Photoshoot

Shooting Venues: Khadakwasla Dam Pune

Photographers: Nishant Thakur

Camera used: Sony Alpha A-77 M-2

Bridal Attires: Casual Gown

Bridal Footwears: Pointed Heels

Groom Attires: Casual Shirt and Jeans

Groom Footwears: Woodland Shoes

Other Accessories: Wayfarer and Aviator Sunglasses, Watches, necklace and ear rings

'Gaurav and Anubhuti - First PixelDiaries Couple Shoot'