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Cinematic & Traditional Video

There is a visualization and equipment difference when we create a traditional wedding/pre-wedding video or cinematic wedding/pre-wedding video. The traditional video is recorded with traditional videocamera. For best quality service we record it with the lightest weight traditonal camera and focus on generating highest video quality (around 4K) for the video. A traditional video is also based on the music selected by either from our creative team or from the clients. One of the examples of traditional pre-wedding video is down below.

On other hand, cinematic videography is done with either DSLR, Mirrorless or Cinema Camera. The quality of the output is far better than the traditional camera due to variation of high quality pixels created by these cameras. Apart from that, cinematic videography also involves high-quality lenses and for enhanced stability we also provide additional equipment like Gimbal and sliders. The shots taken by Cinematic Camera is much more dynamic and creative. The videos created by Cinematic Camera has higher degree of creativity as the shots are also pre-planned for the moments like Pre-Wedding, Bride & Groom Special and Bridal Special. Also, in wedding ceremony we offer Bridal Special and Bride and Groom Special only for Cinematic Package, since that camera gives required assist in quality and necessary planning. One example of Cinematic Pre-Wedding is down below.

Bride & Groom Specials

A wedding is incomplete without Bride and Groom Portraits. These moments determine the actual quality of photo-work of any photography organization. We prefer tp capture these moments before or after any ceremony of the wedding day. We create quality content using the various lighting mechanisms, creativity and posing styles of groom and bride. One of the albums for 'Bride & Groom Specials' is specified here...

Take a note that Bride & Groom photography is available with traditional wedding package as well, however for videography regarding bride & groom specials, it is only available with cinematic wedding package.

Bridal Specials

A wedding is about bride. To make her look astounding we have special service called as 'Bridal Specials'. This service involves the moment of bride when she is in touch-ups or some moments with her own family members. Some photographs with her Father, Mother and her Siblings are all beautiful aspects of Bridal specials. We create these moments using specialized Ring light. One of the albums you can check out here...

Bridal Special is only available with our Cinematic Packages. As this moment involves higher degree of creativity and understanding with the Bridal family as well. 

Bridal Special Cinematic

Now we are taking about something we reluctantly offer to our clients. This is one moment that determines the personality of Bride. Is she shy type that can deliver elegant and beautiful moments with her family members or is she quirky type? The one who can deliver insane dance and sing songs for her groom. Our Bridal Special Cinematic Video will going to upload soon.

Bridal Special Cinematic is a separate video that we deliver to our clients apart from the Cinematic Highlight Video. This is a specialized service only available in 'High-End Cinematic' Package of ours.

Wedding Special Videos

Solo performances in Sangeet & Haldi? We will cover them for you. Our cinematographers with their creativity will record them in the most fascinating way you cant imagine. Stay tuned because we are uploading these very soon.

These are another separate videos alongside Bridal Special Cinematic. Sometimes to cover these moments we also add Traditional Videocamera. These special videos are only available if the customer avail for Traditional Camera for their Cinematic Wedding or they opt for High-End Cinematic Wedding.

Live Broadcasting

Want your whole friend and family circle to watch your wedding even if they aren't at the venue? Don't worry we will cover that for you. Our live Broadcasting team comes-up with latest technology involving the use of Capture card to deliver highest quality live wedding footage.

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