26 MAY 2018



Moments before the wedding are the most precious occasion in any couple's life. It is the part where both of them experience their true affection for the first time in their life. These are the moments where they make promises about the most important decisions in each of their life. This is the part which depicts their expressions, their hesitation and their willingness to full-fill each other's dreams. This is the part where we capture their expressions and present them in a most beautiful manner. Yash and Harsha before getting married looking to depict their love and affection for each other. Capturing these moments provided us with a unique experience to capture their sense of passion for each other. This warm tenderness for their life was depicted in the form of their entitled 'Yarsha' for this Pre-Wedding photoshoot.

For capturing their natural moments our purpose was to capture their love depicted in their heritage place i.e Indore. Indore being hometown for Yash and Harsha provided a perfect route to describe their sentiments in best possible way. Our first shoot took place in Marriot and Grand Bhagwati Palace where we captured their formal representation and the next shoot took place outside of the Hotel where we represented their quirky and informal expression of their love. 


Details of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Shooting Venue: Marriott and Grand Bhagwati Palace, Indore

Photographers: Rohan Kumrawat and Nishant Thakur

Camera used: Nikon D5300 and Sony Alpha A-77 M-2

Decorator: Marriott Team

Bridal Attires: Salwar Suit and Kurta Leggings

Bridal Footwears: Pointed Heels

Groom Attires: White Suit and Black Shirt

Groom Footwears: Formal Footwears

Other Accessories: Watches, Rings and Ear Rings

Caterer: Marriott Hotel

'Yarsha - Enchanted Ever After